Co-Read is probably the most convenient co-working space in Hong Kong.
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What is our mission?

Have you ever been outside without finding yourself a place to rest and work in the city? The skyrocketing property price and the shrinking space has become the substantive problem to Hong Kong people.

As millennials and Gen Z, many young friends are struggling to survive in a developed economy. But many motivative and ambitious friends are working and studying hard in obtaining an undergraduate degree, graduate degree or even a specific professional qualification. During these periods of continuing studies, many friends are unable to find a place to rest and work on their studies.

Existing places do not solve the growing problem of lack of quiet space. We might see couples of examples. Firstly, many coffee shops provide their products and services but these shops work like a business and expect high turnover rate of customers instead of wanting the customers to stay for hours and have one cup of coffee. Coffee shops would force people to leave with loud music to make an uncomfortable environment. Secondly, public areas are over occupied and are in high demand due to free admission, thus making people having to engage in seat fighting and bag spotting. To top of most public areas and coffee shops do not provide charging or high speed internet. Finally, there is our home but since it is our very own personal space it is easy to start procrastinate making it an unproductive choice.

That’s why Co-Read is opening in Mong Kok for the purpose of recreating and revolutionizing our individual space. We understand your desire to find a quiet personal space, particularly for focused work. Therefore, Co-Read is providing a comfortable and quiet area for you to work in this loud and busy city center. With unlimited Wi-Fi access and free electricity charge, Co-Read allows you to stay for however long you like. To offer the peaceful environment, Co-Read is designed to divide into two areas, including the discussion space and silent area. Moreover, each seat is designed as both a comfortable work chair and rejuvenating sofa for when you lean back during a well-earned break.

Co-Read is genuinely the most convenient co-working space because of the location in the middle point of Hong Kong, and by being only a minute walk away from the MTR exit. With a clear price list, you could walk in whenever you like to start your process of working and studying, and there is no hidden cost in Co-Read.

Come and explore the new Co-Reading space (共享自修空間), you won’t find a better place for getting your work done. In Co-Read, you will find a peaceful and productive time.

Offer flexible package for customer to use our space any time without the liability of contract.

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