Intelligent Machine to Grow Fresh and Healthy Food Inside Cities
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Provide to people healthy and fresh food all year round. Save natural resources and create sustainable solutions. Protect the environment.

Population is increasing and cities need to be fed. However, vegetables are being produced with polluted air and contaminated water and also being treated with pesticides and herbicides.This isn’t good for our health neither for the environment!

Consumers demand:
• Fresh, healthy and tasty vegetables;
• Full traceability;
• Environmental and sustainable friendly products;
• New experiences.

By using CoolFarm in/store, Food Suppliers can now:
• Engage with the millennials in the best way;
• Control the vegetables production all year round (regardless of the season), and also reduce the transportation costs and the waste*;
• Be more profitable and do good!

*It is a fact that retailers have to deal with the costs regarding the transportation of the vegetables from the countryside to the city while contaminating the environment. After many miles traveled, the freshness is inevitably lost! Moreover, when at the shelves of a supermarket, about 40% of those vegetables goes to waste.

CoolFarm in/store is a closed and vertical system with a clean and climatized environment inside, perfect to grow premium seedlings, microgreens, leafy greens, herbs and flowers. It uses 90% less water than common agriculture and it does not need pesticides nor herbicides. It is modular, whereby each module starts with approximately 100 square meters of production area. Its modularity is applicable both vertically and horizontally, providing a quick return of investment.

The system has two columns of movable hydroponic growing beds, one vertical lift, a fertigation system, topnotch sensors to measure all the relevant variables for the plants, LED grow lights, an HVAC system, CoolFarm in/control system, an antechamber with positive differential pressure between the growing area and external environment to avoid contaminations. The system is intelligent, highly intuitive and its trays come to the operator by elevators when requested. It is ideal for growers, food distributors, grocery and supermarket chains, restaurants, hotels, cruises, research centers, medical centers and communities. in/store provides transparency, traceability and minimizes the food waste.
in/store is a certified clean room with an antechamber including two alternate doors to prevent any type of contact between the plants and the outside, providing to producers a high quality and contamination controlled environment to protect their premium crops. It also uses absolute air filters and a positive differential air pressure between the growing area and external environment to avoid fine particulates and pollution in inltration. Trays come to the operator when requested ensuring minimum contact between operators and the growing area.
No more time spent on seeding or harvesting! Boxes with seeds inside are available for a ready-to-sell action. Each box includes substrate and seeds.

CoolFarm provides all possible varieties and mixes. Vases and substrate plugs (for example for lettuces) are also a choice. Using these boxes, operators don ́t need to waste time on seeding or harvesting and the living plants are always ready to be sold to final consumers, already clean and ready to eat. Consumers can now get transparency, traceability, freshness, nutrition values and flavor in their vegetables.

CoolFarm provides a frontOffice showcase to keep your crops alive while being sold to final consumers at commercial spaces, meaning an efficient client consumer response. The showcase is a personalized cabinet with an automatic irrigation system, a filtered air ventilation and proprietary white LEDs to show to consumers the true colors of the plants. in/store machines are ideal to stay in the backOffice of the business and work like a cluster, supplying all commercial spaces from one single spot.

BM, tailored for each client (varieties and quantities needed)

• Remote & local assistant (farming, software and hardware);
• $70K/year (100m2 of production) + $30K/year OPEX (on client the side).

• Box with seeds;
• Small Showcases for kitchens and supermarkets to keep the plants alive.


Real scenario using a Portuguese supermarket (in Korea the same vegetables can be sold with the double of the price)

• Mix of herbs, micro and leafy greens = 650kg/month (average $40/kg. Note: up to $100/kg if only micro greens) =$310K per year in sales (note: can feed up to 20 restaurants).

• $200K/year + good marketing and communication, living and healthy vegetables, all year round, with minimum waste (nowadays retailers have 35% of waste!) and hardly no costs in transportation.
• When buying vegetables from farmers, retailers have as low as 40% margins. On the other hand, CoolFarm in/store is more than 2 X pro table!


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