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Cooking Je Je is striving to encourage more people to eat healthily and better. We encourage more people to cook at home and eat at home, be your own chef.

At Cooking Je Je, we also believe that life is not only about pursing our own goals and dreams, but also about sharing what we have and helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Millions of people and children are underprivileged and have almost nothing such as those in the Smokey Mountain of Philippines. People here cannot even afford simple items such as food.

Therefore, we wish we can help to contribute in any little way by donations and offering a small part of proceeds from Cooking Je Je to these people to help them eat better and more healthily.

Cooking has always brought us great pleasure and it’s what brings our families and friends together. Whenever we cook, we experience enjoyment and release stress.

As a result, Cooking Je Je was born to allow people to see dishes from around the world and gain inspiration. By learning from others and sharing your own dishes, life is given more colour through variety. Eventually, we want everyone to become a professional chef for their own family, friends and neighbours.Your home can be your own restaurant.

No matter where you come from, with each meal you make, you feel a great sense of pride, happiness and an eagerness to share it with people around you. Cooking Je Je brings this sense of pride to a global platform by bringing together people through food. We want everyone to be able to showcase their talents, make friends and learn from people around the world and find their own cook.

Perhaps you have wondered why you can hire domestic helpers on Cooking Je Je. The reason being is we have spent considerable time volunteering to help the minority domestic helper groups in Hong Kong. We discovered many hidden cooking talents among them although they face discrimination and inequality on a daily basis. Therefore, we wanted to help them find a way to show their passion and to find jobs for their livelihood.

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