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Contact Design is a multi-discipline design and innovation consultancy based in Hong Kong, China and Italy.
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Contact Design Limited is a multi-discipline design consultancy comprised of international design team specializing in user-centered design approach and strategic design. We aim at creating total lifestyle design experiences for users through innovative products. Under the theme of “Taste. Live. Travel”, we created The Contact Store, an O2O (Online-to-Offline) lifestyle experience store in Milan, Italy and Hong Kong Science Park in 2014. It is an innovative experience centre showcasing the world’s upcoming designer lifestyle brands and products as well Contact. co-design works which received numerous international design awards.

We are setting up a co-creation platform which showcases visionary projects fused with art, design and technology, relating to our contemporary lifestyle experiences. This platform serves as an interactive space to connect with users, co-design with multi-discipline talents to create and incubate projects with social relevance.

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