Coco Color

The Color you Choose is the Color you Use
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Since both parents & children can color the same content at their own appropriate level of details, it means they are truly communicating together through the medium. For once, the screen-time is shared together holistically and not merely acting as a babysitter in an electronic world of connected isolation

Take the Coco Color Stylus on the Go! - The thought of lugging the doodle pads, coloring books, crayons and markers (in every color) around on journeys or holidays. The crayons usually break or melt in the car or airplane seat and the marker’s caps are left off creating even more of a mess.

Coco Color Stylus makes your children little artists wherever they go. That’s right, no more melted crayons, dried out markers and crying kids. And it continues to improve your motor skills during screen time. Finger are good, for finger foods and picking things - like colors, art styles and stroke sizes.

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    Hugh Bell
    Co-Founder Inventor of Coco Color
    Coco Color is the world's 1st Coloring Stylus, Coloring Book, Doodle Book, with 768 Color/Style/Size combinations, that work on iOS & Android, ... Read More