Clover Health

Clover is a technology company that builds software to improve health outcomes of customers with chronic conditions.
Where we're at?

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Idea is formed project ready to launch.

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Growing company and users!

In the US, we offer health insurance policies powered by our technology directly to customers with chronic diseases.

In Asia Pacific, we have begun partnering with insurance companies, giving access to our platform and technology to help them increase growth and improve profitability in the chronic disease customer segment. As we build our brand and presence in Asia Pacific, we plan to develop new, consumer-focused health insurance products and health care services in the region.

Our goal is to organize and leverage data to improve healthcare delivery. Through technology, Clover can reduce costs by producing better health outcomes and fewer claims using direct medical interventions informed by advanced data analytics.

At Clover we’re dedicated to using data and technology in measurable ways to solve many countries' most complex and expensive problem: improving healthcare.

  • Vivek Garipalli
    Co-Founder and Board Member
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  • Kris Gale
    Co-Founder and Board Member
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