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At clickSUMO, our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes with powerful A2P messaging capabilities in the cloud, and to take the technical burden away from our clients by handling the technical aspects on their behalf.

We take care of the technology part for you, so that you can get up and running quickly and focus on sending SMS to your customers or prospects in record time.

clickSUMO is a leading SMS messaging provider based in Hong Kong, offering global coverage and competitive pricing for Bulk SMS and HLR (Number Context).

We approach mobile messaging as a service, all in the Cloud, taking the technical burden away from our clients and addressing the mobile messaging needs of business of all sizes ranging from Startup to SME, large Enterprises, Blue Chips, even Mobile Operators and MVNOs. Reach your audience anywhere and start for FREE (no setup cost).

Increase your reach, cut your costs, and start using A2P SMS creatively to promote, notify, update, alert, remind, inform, sell and much more.

Our products:

- Low-cost Bulk SMS worldwide (from as low as €0.0042)
- HLR Lookup service (from only €0.0035)
- Alphanumeric SenderID
- FREE Setup and Integration
- APIs and Messaging Applications

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