AI-powered end-to-end online advertising platform for businesses.

Clickful is an online advertising solution for businesses in Asia. It is an end-to-end platform that automates ad creation, management, testing and optimisation. By leveraging machine learning, it is able to predict and deliver the best ad banner designs to increase click-through rates and sales conversions for a given company’s target audience. The platform also predicts ahead of time whether an ad will perform well and if not, automatically removes these ads to mitigate lost in advertising budget.

  • Raymond yip 2015
    Raymond Yip
    Co-founder, CEO
    Raymond is the Co-founder and CEO of Designjar, a bespoke design service for small businesses. He is also the Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Mind Fun...
  • Jonah cyberport startupshk
    Jonah Lau
    Co-founder, CTO
    Full-stack engineer. Worked @ Delivery Republic, Dragon Law, SCMP. Former corporate attorney with experience in IPOs, fund raising and private equity.