Disrupting the sportswear industry by democratising sportswear customisation.
Where we're at?

Concept and business plan team may be incomplete.

Idea is formed project ready to launch.

Have paying customers adapting to market.

Growing company and users!

At CLICK-KIT we love sport and we love fashion. We love innovation and technology. We love people with an entrepreneur mindset and a real drive to complete a mission.

CLICK-KIT was born from a dream : creating an online place where everyone (club, team, coaches, individuals, local retailers) could instantly find any kind of sport equipment from the best sport brands and customize them easily with their colors and logos.

CLICK-KIT is now a reality :

Everyone can create amazing designs from the best sport brands in just a few clicks.

No endless emails, no hidden costs, no complex design brief to provide, no communication misunderstanding.

This is simple, intuitive, straightforward and you are in control.

CLICK-KIT TEAM SHOP allows you to share your creation with your team mates and let them pay on line. No more problem to chase the payment.

CLICK-KIT is the market place for every team, club, sport association, school squad to instantly create high quality personalised custom kits from the best brands.

CLICK-KIT is the market place for sport professional, gym, sport retailer, race organiser to design and purchase custom performance uniforms, merchandises and race supplies at the best price in a few clicks.

Think Nike ID but for sportswear. Customisation from as little as one piece is the future of the sportswear industry. Most Sport brands would like to propose a similar offer to the customers but can't. CLICK-KIT offers a one stop and fully integrated platform to sport brands to solve this problem.

CLICK-KIT is a revolutionary custom clothing online solution for active wear and high performance apparels (cycling, running, Fitness and many more).
Instantly design what you need for your team, club, business or event
Intuitive and limitless customization software
Quick delivery and Small Minimum
White label solution

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