Class Bounce Limited

A platform which would allow parents the flexibility to mix and match classes for their child. Parents can try new learn
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To create a platform where children can explore their interests and make classes more accessible.

Class Bounce will let parents search, compare, book and review classes online through one platform. Parents can search through thousands of classes based on subject, age, price, level, and location for their child. They can also compare learning centres based on reviews from other parents and find out which centres are offering the best deals. Parents will now have the ability to mix and match classes to allow their child to try various learning centres without committing to anything long term. This platform will then allow parents to book using an integrated safe payment system and immediately notify that parent and learning centre of a class booking. After attending a class feedback is so important as it allows other parents to see the quality of education of a particular learning centre. It also allows learning centres to strive and create the best learning experience for the students.

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    Alan Brown
    A teacher for 10 years and a true passion for education and creation. Alan combined his web developer knowledge into the opening of his third ventu... Read More