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I am a passionate Health Insurance expert.
With claim5d, we want to simplify how insured people access their benefits.
Insurance is usually (and rightfully) assimilated with complex processes, paperwork or admin, poor customer experience and a general feeling your insurer is out to "get you". We are on a mission to change this, a step at the time, by making the moment of truth that is a claim the most simple and human-centric as possible for the insured people.
The insured (or patient) is a very powerful stakeholder in the insurance value chain though currently it isn't framed this way. We deliver FAIR value to all stakeholders in the insurance value chain by empowering the insured people.

Claiming to your insurer is always a hassle. The process is so daunting, claims submission deadlines are routinely missed. It's like it was designed this way to limit your insurer's payouts. As a father, I personally confirm the pain of handling my family's claims. It's a time consuming process to track every receipt from submission to payment, reconciling the figures and taking the time to clarify outstanding / disputable items with your insurer. How do we solve this?
Today, we deliver a concierge service to our users. just send us a picture of what you want to claim. We immediately deliver a projected payout and submit the claim on your behalf to your insurer. We track for you every item and ensure they all reach our projected payout. And if it doesn't, don't worry, we resolve it with your insurer.
Insurance is complicated, accessing your benefits shouldn't be. Whether your insurance is good or not so good, provided by your employer or your own, even if you have multiple plans, claim5d is here to serve you.
Focus on what's important in your life, don't waste anymore time on your insurance claims.

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    Jacob Sacuto