Citilize Ltd

The Startup the will change the way to park in Hong Kong!

When driving I always had issues in finding the right spot without wasting tons of time looking for a parking place.
Citilize Limited (Citilize) is a company that wants to reinvent the way drivers park in Hong Kong and all the major cities in Asia.
We define ourselves as the Airbnb of the parking spaces.

Using this application, the drivers will avoid wasting time going in circles and searching for a parking spot, concurrently saving petrol and money and reducing traffic conditions.
On the other side Space Owners, will finally receive an income from parking spots which remain unutilized during the day. At the same time, the Hong Kong Government might use more efficiently the on-street parking spaces.
Citilize aims to reduce traffic jams in Hong Kong and in the other targeted cities, by reducing the time spent looking for a parking space, avoiding the occupancy of public roads with wild parking (double lane parking) and reducing gas emission thus enhancing the living conditions of the citizens.
Overall, we want to eliminate or largely reduce:
1) City pollution
2) Traffic congestion
3) Stress due to queue and rush.
4) Fuel consumption

  • Marco Gustapane
    - Holds a Degree in Law from Universitá degli Studi di Bari (Italy) and a Master in Science in Investment Management from CASS University (formerly... Read More
  • Alberto Bucciero
    - Since 2011 he cooperated with the Italian National Research Council (CNR) on numerous projects - Contract Professor at Universitá del Salento (It... Read More