Patent-pending F&B platform from Silicon Valley enabing F&B ordering in less than 10 seconds
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Eating out hasn’t changed for thousands of years, nor has operating an F&B. There is no technology that digitizes both the consumer experience and F&B operations in a delightful manner. But F&B is perhaps the largest industry on earth that has yet to be digitized.

We embarked on this challenge years ago in Silicon Valley. We tested hundreds of approaches, invented new technologies, and filed multiple patents. In our prior lives, we led innovation and e-commerce globally for Visa and American Express (and helped start Alipay along the way), so we knew the States was the wrong place to deploy it. Rather, we needed market density at the outset. So, we moved our headquarters back to our roots in Asia and are launching it globally from here.

CIRCL is a technology platform for F&B that digitizes ordering, payment, feedback, operations, and marketing.

For consumers, using CIRCL is 10x easier than any other way of ordering. It’s literally faster than talking. Consumers order anytime, anywhere, from any type of F& less than 10 seconds.

F&B’s use our platform to acquire new customers, drive repeat visits, improve table turnover, increase order size, and save manpower. Our core platform is free, so there is absolutely no cost to start. We charge for premium services, like credit card processing.

We are backed by deep pockets — composed of a consortium of 18 strategic investors led by the region’s leading real estate players.

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    Timothy Lee
    Tim grew up in Silicon Valley. He was working at IBM’s global software lab and coding A.I. when he was just 17. Prior to founding CIRCL, he heade... Read More