CID Auto

The first video commerce sales platform, combines images and videos to pioneer as a reliable source in the car market.
Where we're at?

Concept and business plan team may be incomplete.

Idea is formed project ready to launch.

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Growing company and users!

After encountering difficulties when purchasing used cars, I considered ways in which to counter these problems. We are developing solutions for several issues from time management to efficiency in the marketplace to user-friendly applications. Once implemented into our current platform, I hope to expand our service initially in Southeast Asia where the used-car market is booming. I hope that with this vision, consumers will be able to purchase a vehicle without having to go through the hassles and risks so abundant in the industry.

The Ecosystem of Purchasing Used Cars is full of very unbalanced information between buyers and suppliers which causes great concern among buyers. On the other hand, suppliers’ main complaint is slow sales, As you may know, for them, time is money.
Our new product (SAVE) will provide a quick and easy way for dealers to move product more efficiently and customers to have access to more accurate and detailed information on the products they want to purchase. We can get a lot of suppliers because they can generate content easily through our product. Suppliers shoot videos with a verbal explanation. SAVE then edits and supervises the content with its own algorithm. Buyers watch the video and purchase cars. We’re using Machine Learning, big data, and AI to achieve this. We identify items, check audio, and edit video. This makes the purchasing process more transparent.