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It started with a dream, I researched for two and half years on what I was passionate about and along the way met incredible people who shared my passion and encouraged me to follow my dreams.

Health is not something we should take a chance on and it shouldnt be complicated either. My goal is to show how simple it can be and how easy it is to be healthy and live a healthy life, especially with the foods we eat.

We often say be the best we can be, so why not eat the best we can. I apply this to all aspects of my life and try and bring this to my customers too.

Now that we are growing we are supplying major hotels, restaurants and soon other avenues to make it easier for our customers to get good 'healthy, nutritious & delish' into their everyday lives!

Choice Cooperative is the first 100% gluten-free Hong Kong bakery with a large selection of additive-free GF baked goods with healthy cafe in Aberdeen, which has a large play area for kids.

Founded by Director, Ifat Kafry Hindes with a passion for offering Hong Kong a healthier, more nutritious variety of baked goods. This drive is strengthened by the obvious visible benefits of eating healthily, as seen by those who practise it.

Choice Cooperative Bakery prides itself in ‘healthy, nutritious and delish’ options and is constantly researching and developing new and exciting varieties and flavours. We work together with our health ambassador Louise Kane Buckley (Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist) to ensure the varieties we offer are healthy and nutritious. All options are made in our purpose built facility and are completely gluten, processed (refined) sugar, artificial additive and GMO free.

"Choice Cooperative is a new and exciting café in Wong Chuk Hang. Occupying an industrial space that has been transformed into a huge, light and bright space, Choice is an incredibly welcome addition to the increasingly varied selection of healthy food joints that are popping up across Hong Kong. What makes Choice Cooperative different is that it is Hong Kong’s first uncontaminated gluten free bakery and offers a range of breads, cakes and muffins that are not only delicious, but also healthy and nutritious.

There is ample comfortable seating, a huge playroom for the kids and a menu packed with salads, pastas and beautiful baked goods." The HK Hub

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