B2B online procurement marketplace for the F&B industry
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Whether you are an F&B vendor/supplier looking for new buyers, or you are a restaurant owner sourcing for products and services, there is no existing platform where the buyers and sellers are centralized. Meaning the whole procurement process is done in a non-systematic way. Wasting the time and money on both sides on customer acquisition, daily ordering, internal stock management, etc.

The lack of a centralized marketplace also allows monopolization and prevented quality small to medium vendors/suppliers from entering the market.

We would like to build a marketplace where positive competition is encouraged and eventually creating an ecosystem with a balanced type of buyers and sellers.

First to the market one-stop procurement and business matching platform for the F&B industry.

A platform where vendors/suppliers are listed as sellers and where restaurants (buyers) can source and order products and services from.

Streamlined and digitalized procurement process (search, match, order, and pay) allowing more efficient procurement and business management.

  • Bruno Koo
    Co-founder & CEO
    Successful F&B entrepreneur with 10+ years of operation and management experience in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia.
  • Roy Yu
    Co-founder & COO
    Successful F&B entrepreneur and marketer with 8+ years of operation and marketing experience in Hong Kong and Australia.