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Chili Concept is an exclusive collection of highly customisable Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products
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We design, source, produce, quality control and ship safe and socially responsible Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products to the most discerning brands in the world.

Always on the lookout for the latest recycled materials and eco friendly concepts. Our first claim to sustainability is quality and usability. Chili Concept's Corporate Gifts can be used and reused for years, carrying your brand everywhere they go with their long lifespans.

Chili in stock, Chili Made to Order:

Chili in stock is a collection of over 100 unique corporate gifts, designed by renowned European designers. All Chili products can be branded with your own logo. Chili in stock offers fast delivery and low minimum order quantity.

Our unique stock organisation offers fast delivery and low minimum order quantities. We ship starting at 100pcs of power banks, wireless speakers and USB drives or 250pcs of metal pens and stylus. Make them yours with your own logo in 15 days door to door.

No project is too big or too small for us.

Chili Made to Order offers a service of 100% customisable Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products thanks to our design studio and R&D team.

From the best quality branded Stationery Items to the latest and sleek design Tech Accessories, Chili Made to Order allows you to hand out designed gifts that your team will be proud of. Our attention to quality and to your brand identity will allow you to be confident that your gifts always highlight your client relation efforts and give your contact a long-lasting memory of your brand!

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