Chekk is a one-stop dynamic eKYC solution which enhances customer's experience and helps banks by providing seamless on-
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For corporate customers and government agencies, Chekk is a platform which enables them to improve customer experience to request access up to date information, reduce costs for customer interaction and cost of data acquisition (KYC cost reduction) and lower unwanted customer attrition in keeping data up to date and comply with regulation (AML). And the same time, accurate and deeper data content may feed the marketing strategy for identification of cross-selling opportunities and accelerate the beginning of the commercial journey.
Users benefit from a better experience, an easier access to banking, a secure and friendly way to interact with banks and other institutions and finaly users take the full control of their digital life.

With traditional method to capture customer due diligence data at on-boarding and for periodic refreshes, (e.g. branch, contact center…) businesses spend a staggering amount of money (including costs for customer facing and back office staff, premises technology…), both at-on-boarding and during the periodic mandated refreshes and often end up with inaccurate (typos…) or outdated customers data. Customer Due Diligence is an $18bn market at maturity across both developed and emerging countries, driven by regulations pervasive across the world. Chekk is a global business with solutions which can apply to multiple countries and industries (banking, insurance, telcos, travel…) with current focus on facilitating Customer Due Diligence activities across Asia and Europe.

  • Pascal NIZRI
    Pascal Nizri is the founder and CEO of Chekk, a Digital Identity and eKYC leader. Pascal has 20 years experience in the Financial Industry, having ... Read More
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    After having co-founded a boutique M&A in Paris supporting SMEs and start-ups, Benjamin came to Asia and gained 13 year experience in structure... Read More