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Chattie is a practice ground empowering language learners to practice and improve their speaking ability with native speakers and other language buddies.

- All language learners can speak their foreign language fluently, after practicing with native speakers and other language buddies on Chattie.

- Chattie is a practice platform empowering language learners to speak and practice with native speakers without barrier.

The famous football star Pele once said, 'Everything is practice.' And it applies on language learning. There are plenty of language learning tools, how about speaking practice tool? Chattie is a platform empowering language learners to practice and improve their speaking ability with native speakers and other language buddies.

The following 5Cs are the value propositions of Chattie to language learners:

i) Connection
Chattie is the bridge which connects language learners to native speakers and enables them to build a close relationship with each other as they communicate with their respective languages.

ii) Confidence
It is usually very difficult for language learners to initiate conversations with native speakers due to the lack of confidence in speaking the foreign language. Hence, through matching the two parties with a common interest, it helps boost their confidence and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone.

iii) Consistence
Rome wasn’t built in one day’, and it applies to language learning as well. Chattie helps language learners to build the habit of practicing frequently by keeping track of their practice progress and activities.

iv) Communication
Unlike other apps which major function of texting, Chattie focuses on its voice recording message function as we believe it is the art of communicating with each other vocally, which helps them to learn more effectively and efficiently.

v) Cost
It is free of charge for language learners to practice with native speakers. There is a virtual currency named ‘Langcoin’ circulating in the platform that each language learners need to give to native speakers for practice. Therefore, language learners will also receive ‘Langcoin’ for free when acting as native speakers to help other language learners to practice.

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