Chain of Demand

Predictive Analytics for the Fashion Industry

2017 was the year of the Great Retail Apocalypse, and our mission is to save the fashion industry with big data-driven AI technology.

Through the apocalypse, the fashion industry was hit the hardest because of its pressure to deliver more fashionable goods in shorter lead times. In response to this, fashion brands have been churning out more products to maintain sales, which inadvertently resulted in higher markdowns and deeper inventory losses.

Chain of Demand empowers fashion brands to track and predict sales demand, highlight winning products and optimize purchase; this results in reduced markdowns and inventory risks, and improved cash flow for brands.
Our case studies have shown that a 10% reduction in markdowns, can increase net margins by 50%.

Housed in an intuitive and beautiful dashboard, our AI technology has proven to be able to predict sales demand 4 weeks earlier and 3.3x more accurate than our human counterparts.

Other business intelligence companies may only provide analytics, or even actionable insights, but Chain of Demand will be able to provide actionable foresights with the action.

This means when brands have predictive data of what sells, they will still need supply chain partners who have the ability to produce the right amount of stock at the right time, in order for brands to truly capitalize on their data.

With our experience and network in apparel supply chain management, we will be able to connect our customers with trusted vendors that can help them act quickly to realize returns on their investments.