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CFTE is an education platform supported by senior leaders from the largest institutions, startups and universities. We aim to address the needs of professionals in finance and technologists to upskill in a rapidly changing industry being transformed by emerging technologies. In a tech world, we bet on people

We design training frameworks with small and large organisation and collaborate with experts from Academia and the industry to provide our learners with cutting edge Knowledge.

  • Huy picture
    Huy Nguyen Trieu
    Co-founder of one of the fastest growing learning and innovation platforms in Fintech and digital finance. Founding partner of the largest Fintech ... Read More
  • Tram anh photo
    Tram Anh Nguyen
    Passionate about education, co-Founder CFTE and Industry Fellow at Imperial College Business School. Part of Top 100 Women in Fintech 2018 and 2019... Read More