Cellarmaster Wines

HK's #1 Online Wine Retailer
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Cellarmasters is a fast moving, creative team that is growing. Our mission to change the way people experience wine.

As a trusted prestigious online cellar, Cellarmaster Wines is proud to feature an outstanding calibre of international wines that are eligible for next day delivery through a quick and easy-to-use online shopping experience. We strive to select top quality, value-for-money wines from outstanding producers around the world.

Cellarmaster Wines, the #1 online wine retailer in Hong Kong, specializes in distributing world premium wines, spirits, beer and cider at the best price. Our portfolio consists of wines offering diversity of style, structure and taste from around the world.

Andrew Kemeny, Director of Kemenys Food and Liquor, acquired Cellarmaster Wines in 2011 and began to restructure and revitalize the company. In 2014, the site was re-launched with the latest digital technologies. Under Andrew's leadership, the company has experienced a steady 56% growth (YoY).

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