CBIP E-Commerce & Logistics

E-Commerce & Logistics Consulting - Doing Traditional & E-Commerce Trading Together Seamlessly
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We are all about making things easier, faster and less complicated for our customers. We have joined an industry that has become unnecessarily complicated and broken. We have set out to better connect traditional business to business customers to leading new online sellers to easily, connect, communicate and evolve their supply chain, e-commerce and technology needs. We are the new type of consultancy, delivering a real difference.

Bridging the gap between traditional logistics and the emerging e-commerce

CBIP E-Commerce & Logistics was established after recognising there is need to remove the barriers from the fractured nature of the supply chain and the emergence of cross border commerce. CBIP sets out to offer its customers a more simplified and easy to understand solution that’s helping small to mid size clients gain greater use out of the advantages Hong Kong represents as a supply chain, shipping & e-commerce hub.

CBIP has its head quarters in Hong Kong with a global reach through its array of international partners.

  • Nick Bartlett & Chris Crutchley
    Sales Director / Operations Director
    Nick & Chris both come from extensive corporate experiences from banking, Oil & Gas bringing a unique and fresh method of operating in a ma... Read More