'An Indian Odyssey' means we want to take you on a journey through the very 'fabric' of India
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“I was born and raised in the heart of India and I’ve always been fascinated by its glorious traditions and colorful festivities. I grew up hearing the clatter of sewing machines and banging of carpenters all around me and I learnt to sift through piles of cloth and point out the finest yarn even before I could do my multiplication tables. I love that world and with CAYA, I hope to share a piece of it with you. You will be taken on an ‘odyssey’ or journey through the length and breadth of India, as CAYA aims to promote the local arts and craft from every part of my amazingly diverse country.”
– Charu Mehrotra, Founder, CAYA

Our eco-lifestyle products are all about style and substance - high quality, hand-made, sustainable and natural fibers made in classic and unique designs. Equally important are our artisans who make our CAYA products and we want to make a positive difference in their lives. Last but not the least, we aim to make our customers happy.