Go Cashless - HK’s first free and instant P2P mobile wallet
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Cashyou focuses on being an app that works just like your daily cash but even more organized. When two users are next to each other, the one who is paying can scan the other’s Cashyou wallet QR to pay. The transaction will be done within seconds. Instead of remembering a bank account number or an email address to pay, we believe this is a much more intuitive way to do so. If two people are away of each, they can also pay by entering email address or choosing from Facebook friend list.

Cashyou offers a simple and convenient way for people to pay friends by scanning QR code, entering email, or choosing from Facebook friends list.
So, in situations like when there is a pizza party and everyone has to pay back the person who brought the food, they don't need to worry about getting changes back or having no cash.
Cashyou is always free for P2P users.
- No more changes
- Reliable and secure platform
- Send money anytime instantly
- Made locally for local use in Hong Kong

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  • Jacky Chiu
    Jacky is responsible for the finance and business side of the company. He is a self taught coder and was previously a professional Muay Thai fighter.
  • Kif Hong
    Kif has a background in graphic and UI design. He also is a Bitcoin enthusiast, and has helped merchants in Hong Kong to accept Bitcoin before.
  • Daniel Chan
    Daniel is the sales and marketing person at Cashyou. He is passionate about all things tech. Daniel has experience working in the food science indu... Read More