Capsl Entertainment Limited

Capsl is a one-stop platform to organise, compete and watch in tournaments of any of your favourite esports games.

Capsl is a mobile esports tournament company as offering game players a platform for competing with each other online, which helps players simply and securely to organise and create the tournament with other players online. Capsl supports aspiring eSports heroes to kickstart their competitive gaming careers and fanbase, while the gaming fans can support their favourite players and streamers online.

Capsl’s Competitive Advantages

Tournament Organizers
Capsl supports tournament organizers to grow your brand and engage with millions of eSports fans securely from one single point of management. Tournament organizers can set up and launch tournaments by using Capsl platform instantly, automate prize payout with verified prizes functions, avoiding a laundry list of items and highly manual process.

Compete in head-to-head or studio-created online tournaments for prize pools, rare virtual goods and build your reputation. It is also the number one place to demonstrate your gaming skills, the only place to 100% instantly guarantee your prizes.

Discover new games, players and streamers, engage through profoundly social augmented reality experiences that put the viewer in the director’s chair.

Game Studios
Drive game growth and monetization through tournament creation and publishing tools. Take engagement to the next level by minting and issuing rare virtual goods as tournament prizes.

Capsl’s Beliefs
We believe that mobile esports tournaments is building its momentum to not just be a past time but a career for those whose gaming talent knows no bounds. We care enough to build a mobile esports tournament platform to make it easy to set-up, safe to participate in and accessible to millions of fans - all in one place.

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