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Powering the Future of Competitive Gaming
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At CAPSL we believe that competitive gamers are the next generation of sporting heroes. And that Augmented & Virtual Reality are the mediums of kings!

As such, our team are building a platform for Esports Fans to enjoy competitive games in the most immersive and accessible way possible - through AR spectator experiences of competitive AR & VR games. At the heart of this are online tournaments, driving player and spectator adoption, as well as increasing game studio growth. And we're powering all this using blockchain technologies to solve some of the game industries most inherent problems

Our company was born in 2016 by a groups of game industry veterans. As proponents of AR & VR as the next big Esports platforms, but also acutely aware of the inherent liquidity and trust issues facing modern competitive gaming, they decided to use blockchain to solve these problems as the foundation of a new future of competitive gaming.

Our platform helps game studios grow their games, players earn from competing in online tournaments, and spectators enjoy the thrill of edge-of-your-seat competitive play.

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  • Paddy Markham
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