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Did you know that the fashion and textile industry is the world’s 2nd biggest polluter, behind oil?

Or that textiles are the 2nd biggest polluter of clean water, behind agriculture?

Despite that textiles are almost 100% recyclable, fashion still leaves behind piles of waste. China alone generates 26 million tonnes of textile waste every year; that’s equivalent to 11,400 buses filled to the brim with textile waste every day.

BYT wants to change this.

Winner of the Hong Kong Chivas Venture 2017 finals, BYT is our affordable luxury up-cycled fashion brand and social impact business using the fashion industry’s unused surplus waste materials, as an alternative to utilizing virgin materials, to create beautiful products using socially sustainable supply chains. With thanks to our sister charity Redress’ 10-year legacy, global networks and their annual EcoChic Design Award, the world’s largest sustainable design competition, BYT is creating big ripples to change fashion.

BYT donates 10% of our profits to charity Redress so that together we can change the future of fashion.

Borne from Redress, BYT is an affordable luxury up-cycled fashion brand which uses sustainable and socially responsible supply chains in Asia. Launching Sept 2017, coinciding with Redress​ 2017 EcoChic Design Award competition.

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    Michelle Bang
    Co-founder and CEO
    Michelle Bang graduated from Harvard Business School and has a multi-faceted background in investment banking, corporate strategy and fashion merch... Read More