Heartware + Hardware | We Make Things Happen.

Breakthrough Innovation Lab is the power behind some of the world's most exciting & forward thinking startups:

Gamico - A platform where gamers of all levels can finally Make A Living Playing Video Games!

ICO+ - Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) as it should be: Transparent, Secured and Trustworthy. Say goodbye to ICO scams for good and make intelligent ICO investments with ICO+

BTInnoLab is made of the best “heartware” (think: people, talent, creativity and passion) and the latest hardware.

Our team is known for "Making It Happen"​ whatever the odds lie ahead and we're constantly on the lookout for highly motivated, passionate and hard-working + fun-loving people to join us!


At Breakthrough Innovation, we bring together power of the most passionate and capable persons to turn dreams into reality - to do what we love to do. With our big dreams, the standards are high and the journey will be tough, but if you have what it takes to change the world, then come join us!

  • Pak H. Chau
    Founder & CEO
    I'm an innovator, entrepreneur and the CEO/Founder of Breakthrough Innovation Lab. My dream is to create products, that will bring significant valu... Read More