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The world's most comfortable active shorts! On a mission to help active men seeking balance live longer healthier lives!
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We are active male yoga practitioners, gym rats and ex-athletes that LOVE prioritizing our physical and mental health. After years of practicing yoga with inadequate apparel, we realised that most workout shorts are not designed with the male anatomy truly in mind. So we're changing that! We've interviewed over 1 thousand active men worldwide and really listened to them to build our world's most comfortable 3-in-1 active shorts. We've launched successfully on Kickstarter, have been featured in GQ Magazine and are now scaling our business globally.

First and foremost, we're solving the unique challenge men experience during yoga/workouts with pinching and discomfort of their male parts. We've designed a truly revolutionary Package Protectorâ„¢. Secondly, we're helping active men achieve full mobility in whatever pose, lift or sport activity they're working on. Thirdly, we're ensuring they are extremely comfortable at all times using the finest eco-friendly fabrics. Lastly, we're making sure their accessories are safe and secure when they're on the go from the studio, to the gym, to the great outdoors.

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