Break down barriers. Connect in a more meaningful way. Kick off your next remote meeting with Brightful Meeting Games.
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We live in a society that is more digitally connected than ever. We can access anything and anyone at the tip of our fingers. Yet in many ways we have also become more distant, and increasingly detached from those closest to us.

At Brightful, our mission is clear - to restore meaning to every day lives.

It starts with ourselves. As a fully remote company, we commit every resource to ensuring we are strongly connected with one another. We play games every meeting to get to know each other and build teamwork. We prioritise our human side, and as a result our work is tight-knit and effective.

Companies around the world are increasingly moving to remote work arrangements. Productivity remains great, but social interactions are limited to instant messaging and video calls. In order for a company to develop a cohesive and effective team culture there needs to be an opportunity for organic mingling, play and spontaneity.

We draw on our expertise as remote workers and avid gamers to create the best collection of team building games perfectly suited to remote meetings.

Our platform is the comprehensive solution to all your online icebreaker needs. We have the perfect game to take your team to the next level.

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