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Bright Nation Limited is a Cyberport-based Hong Kong company specializing in research and development, production and marketing of mobile AI technology for personal risk management in banking and finance.

OneToo is a mobile application for personal wealth management based on personal data that solves the problems of overexposure and irrationality regarding investment and allows a better and more predictable financial planning. It gives the user an affordable tool to increase financial literacy and protection, which is designed to estimate the risks and relevance of an investment before making the decision.

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    Dr Fred Jumelle
    Executive Chairman
    Fred has a long record of accomplishment in the fields of medical statistics, cognitive and behavior sciences including research and publication of... Read More
  • Dr Chi Chiu So
    Head of Research and Development
    Kelvin Chi Chiu SO is now the Head of Research and Development at Bright Nation Limited. He has been conducting research in Artificial Intelligence... Read More
  • Michael Buxton
    Formerly Chairman of Ernst and Young EY TAS Japan and PwC FS Markets Leader, Michael is a keen manager specialized in corporate governance, finance... Read More
  • Rajesh Misra
    Head of Product Development
    Rajesh Misra is the Head of Product Development at Bright Nation Limited. He has a wide range of multi-industry experience across financial service... Read More