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Ydentity (YDY) is a proprietary software application designed by Bright Nation Limited (BNL), a Hong Kong company specialising in the development, production and marketing of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT). We combine this technology with cognitive neuroscience to provide a first-of-a-kind method for capturing the personal risk profile of an individual from the result of an online survey.

Ydentity (YDY) is the world first blockchain risk-identity token using cognitive neuroscience discoveries to evaluate risk and provide a predictive model for customer onboarding, KYC and risk underwriting. Ydentity token is a tradable API. It becomes a unique identity upon activation through the Ydentity App and allows the user to join the Ycommunity

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    Dr Fred Jumelle
    Executive Chairman
    Fred has a long record of accomplishment in the fields of medical statistics, cognitive and behavior sciences including research and publication of... Read More
  • Nan Yang
    Chief Technology Officer
    Nan Yang is a leading technologist who has worked in over 20 countries aligning IT to business strategy and delivering enterprise solutions for maj... Read More
  • David Piesse
    Chairman of the advisory board
    David has over 30 years experience in the insurance industry and has combined insurance, information technology and disaster risk management into a... Read More
  • Kenneth Ma
    Financial Strategist
    Kenneth Ma is a Director of Moore Stephens Advisory Services Limited. He holds a CFA Charter and a CAIA Charter and is a member of the RICS. He has... Read More
  • Elizabeth Dooley
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Elizabeth started her career in London as a journalist. She then spent a decade in southern Africa working as a communications and marketing consul... Read More