Bright City Shop

Start with lithium battery for marine use, grow with batteries for other applications like scooters.

As an individual it's difficult to change the world, but everyone can do a little bit. I deliver change by speeding up the transition to electric boats. Next step is to offer lithium batteries for other applications. But since there are a lot of small boats on the world, first focus on this project. Make enjoying the water a silent experience! I start with a marine application, but the goal is to grow to a Bright City Shop, the place where you can buy products to improve life in the city, this by reducing emission of carbon dioxide. So which products then? Solar power, last mile electric vehicles, grid storage, but please, let me know if you have better ideas!

Expensive batteries, reduced range and design not fit for the usage. My product looks basic, but battery technology is up to date. Goal is to offer the most state of art battery technology in a battery with bluetooth, 4g connectivity and an app ready for marine purposes. Next step is to develop a customizable lithium battery ready for a other use. Think about a battery for a scooter, home grid storage, spare power for medical use. Costs of changing to another design should be as low as possible.

The product image is my first sample, not completely ready, but it's about the technology.

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  • Wim Jan Koolhof
    Started working in the automotive industry in Netherlands, moved a year ago to Hong Kong. That was the right moment to start with the Bright City S... Read More