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Waste is not waste until you waste it - using otherwise uneaten, unsold bread to create local, craft beer!
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When our exams ended last semester, we went ahead and treated ourselves to bread (it was the only thing open then). Unfortunately, we witnessed all the bread being dumped straight into a black rubbish bag. We took it on ourselves to change this. Breer is a food upcycling startup that reduces bread waste and utilizes it in the brewing of beer. We introduce a novel taste of beer into the Asian market, while remonetizing otherwise wasted resources. Beer is brewed with 3 main ingredients: 78% barley, 13% hops and 9% yeast. Through supporting the local brewing businesses, we replace the 78% of barley needed for beer, with bread.

With the coronavirus, the pick and go model that Hong Kong's bakeries relied on has seen reduced demand, but supply stands firm. Because of this, food waste is increasing at a fast rate, with more supermarkets and bakeries finding unsold bread at closing times. This is the vital timeframe not only to support local businesses, but also to meet demand for a novel taste of beer that the Asian demographic has long awaited for. Breer is revolutionary because it reintroduces otherwise wasted food back into the supply chain, supports local businesses, and presents customers with exactly what they wanted.

Join us in combatting food wastage, one drink at a time!

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    Anushka Purohit
    CEO / Co-Founder
    With the ability to speak 5 languages, Anushka is a young entrepreneur seeking to make a difference with her actions.
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    Deevansh Gupta
    CMO / Co-Founder
    Deevansh is a student at HKUST studying brand strategy and consulting who is very passionate about social entrepreneurship.
  • Naman
    Naman Tekriwal
    COO / Co-Founder
    Naman is a 19-year old entrepreneur and social worker with a deep rooted passion for sustainability.
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    Suyash Mohan
    CFO / Co-Founder
    Suyash is an aspiring economist who aims to work towards sustainable development.