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Bravera is on a mission to empower people to more more, and make impact. The Bravera apps turns outdoor activity (walk, run) data into points that can be exchanged for rewards with local businesses and brands.

Change your world. With each step, each purchase, each experience.

It started as a part-time passion to incentivise people to move more. Now, Bravera's Hong Kong user base is growing, and local partners benefitting from our micro loyalty and promotions offering.

Still a small team, but hard-working, passionate, and dream big! We want everyone with a smartphone to be able to accumulate points on whatever smartphone they have,

I'm looking for people who can join at co-founder level (specifically tech and sales / marketing). After bootstrapping and building Bravera from the ground up, it is time to share and grow together with the right team.

If you’re full of bright ideas, ready to pull together as a team and keen to change the world for the better, please do get in touch.

Visit to find out more.

More Background:

After a decade of startup experience providing promotions and loyalty software solutions to fortune 500 FMCG companies and billion dollar brands, I decided to make a change.

Instead of using my skills and knowledge to encourage unhealthy diets packaged in single-use packaging, I want to feel good about what I do, while making an impact, at the same time. After growing up surrounded by mountains and greenery (South Wales), I am determined to encourage others to be more active.

Bravera is a graduate of both the Founder Institute ( and alumni of the Cyberport Incubation programme, Hong Kong. Both of which were completed while I was still working a full-time job. I quit my job to go full-time on Bravera in early 2020.

The post COVID-19 world brings new challenges, but also new hope and, a chance to change for the better.

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a 88% increase in exercise taken by individuals, while 47% say they will not renew their gym memberships. People feel more connected to their local community and want to support local businesses, in fact, 80% of people say COVID-19 has made them feel more connected to the local community.

In the future, people will be more connected and engaged through digital fitness, whilst feeling the need to be part of the local community, Bravera delivers on all fronts.

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    Alyn Watkins
    Founder, CEO
    After a decade of startup experience providing promotions and loyalty software solutions to fortune 500 FMCG companies and billion dollar brands, I... Read More
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    Natalie (Tilly) Kidd
    Client Services Manager
    A Product Enthusiast and graduate of Durham University. She develops partnerships with local businesses and manages client relations, as well as ga... Read More