BOXS Limited Hong Kong

MAKING BUSINESS SMART. BOXS is an innovative technology startup from Hong Kong - The Incubatee of HKSTP
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In the cutting edge of the technology development companies usually apply over 20 different solutions to manage business. BOXS inspiration is to connect business management modules and customer applications to optimize company workflow.

BOXS is a Hong Kong technology startup company providing SMART Business solutions to Manage, Optimize and Enhance business processes. Innovative All-in-one system with modular structure, supports data process automation, constantly adding value to the daily business operations.

Every company in retail, restaurant, education and service industries can apply a single BOXS solution to simplify workflow, increase efficiency and decrease repetitive tasks. We have developed an innovative interface that is combined by powerful AI tools to assist with your specific business needs. Simply select your workflow and BOXS will connect business management modules, optimization modules, as well as customer applications, according to your company requirements.

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    Roman Podkorytov
    Co-founder and business development director at BOXS Limited. MSc Multimedia and entertainment technology.