Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited

We're Hong Kong's First Virtual Insurer!
Where we're at?

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Idea is formed project ready to launch.

Have paying customers adapting to market.

Growing company and users!

Our mission is to make insurance good again.

We are the first licensed virtual insurer (general insurance) in Hong Kong. We are a team of passionate and innovative high-achievers who believe that insurance is fundamentally good. We are here to bring the Good back through modern technology.

By eliminating paper, commissions and intermediaries, Bowtie’s mission is to enable a new generation of consumers to access insurance protection and take control of life protection decisions for themselves.

As a team, we:
- are "troublemakers" who embrace and drive changes,
- work like a boss: we do more with less and take extremely ownership
- make smart decision on what to do - "do,,, or do not. There is no try"
- are customer obsessed
- build open and honest relationship, and respect everyone.

You can find out more about us here:
AND our current job opening here:

Insurance is fundamentally good, but the current system is backward. Instead of serving its original purpose of providing protection, far too many insurance products in Hong Kong are designed with savings or investments in mind and complex fine print. Bowtie believes insurance should be protection-focused, transparent and truly customer-centric.

Zero commission is only the first step. By eliminating paper and simplifying the insurance experience, Bowtie's mission is to deliver real insurance that is tailored to each and every customer.

  • 5c174d83e7c0465d5f108dce fred p 500
    Fred Ngan
    Co-Founder / Co-CEO
    Fred is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and disruption. He previously practiced in Chicago, London, Toronto and Hong Kong as a ... Read More
  • 5c174d56dab576dc8e788580 michael
    Michael Chan
    Co-Founder / Co-CEO
    Michael is a mission-driven entrepreneur with a deep belief that insurance is fundamentally good. He has over 10 years of international experience ... Read More
  • Alan lam 3
    Alan Lam
    Chief Risk Officer
    Alan is an actuary with 13 years of international experience in a traditional insurer focused on distribution, asset-liability management and finan... Read More
  • Gary
    Gary Wong
    Head of Growth
    Gary has 4 years of experience in investment banking and has worked in a number of US Silicon Valley and Hong Kong startups, specializing in helpin... Read More