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High Intensity, Low impact fun fitness classes to burn 1000 calories
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Rebounding is for everyone. It is safe and gentle for elderly and children with special needs, while stimulating the circulation of lymphatic fluid, contributing to an improved immune system. It rehabilitates injuries and weaker muscles from office workers and weekend warriors who battle long working hours. It is a tool for athletes to work their body in new, more challenging ways, thus enhancing their performance. As a form of exercise, rebounding is safer, and more efficient. Rebounding works the whole body by providing cellular exercise, both strengthening and cleansing your cells with each bounce on the rebounder.
BounceLimit strives to improve health, emotional well-being and quality of life on both an individual and communal level. We see the rebounder as a way to guide individuals of all fitness levels towards a healthier, more active lifestyle. We strongly believe in the importance of informing our clients about proper technique, so to help them understand their bodies better.

Mini-trampoline fitness, or “rebounding,” first took off in the 80’s as a way to do high intensity cardio workouts. BounceLimit is now taking it to a new level, incorporating stability, core, and muscle toning, which makes it suitable for both men and women, whether looking to lose weight, bulk up, or tone. Rebounder classes are high intensity and adrenaline pumping, and can burn up to 1000 calories per hour – compare that

to just 400 calories burned in a single spinning class! Among the benefits of rebounding, the fact that it is high intensity but low impact – taking up to 85% of the shock — on the knee joints, makes it a hugely popular sport for all. Not unlike working with a balance ball, the slightly uneven surface of the trampoline forces the core muscles to contract and stabilize, giving a full-body workout.

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  • Lt
    Lucia Tam
    Program Director & Senior Management
    Lucia Tam professional dancer, 2001-2005 Ballroom professional Canadian Champion, group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Tam specialises i... Read More
  • Dicky bl
    Dicky Wong
    Master Training & Logistics
    Dicky Wong has more then 12 years in Personal Training field in a corporate gym. He managed over 60 trainers and is in charge of their continuing e... Read More
  • Sio1
    Siobhan Duigan
    Senior Instructor Personal Trainer, Studio Manager
    Siobhan Duigan is an all around fitness and dance expert. Graduated from Australia with BA in Dance and a crossfit trainer, yoga instructors, pilat... Read More
  • Megan
    Megan Berger
    Marketing Director & Rebound Instructor
    Over 20 years of dance experience teaching, choreographing for GEM tour and as well performing in China, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and mor... Read More
  • Daniel bl
    Daniel Chapman
    Rebound Instructor & Personal Trainer
    Graduated from the UK for Sports Science and NASM Personal Trainer, he has worked with children with disabilities which is great for our Rebound Th... Read More
  • Roxanne
    Roxanne Wentworth
    Part Time Instructor
    Flamenco dancer at heart and yogi since she can walk. Native South African who came to Hong Kong to share her love and passion in teaching others.