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BOOQED has a mission to make every space accessible and productive for business.

We believe that real estate is long due for some much-needed shakeup. How and where you work is not limited to the confines of a company's physical office. The future for us is truly borderless where there is no line between your office and that café down the road.

Can't you try that new co-working space for a few days to see what that experience is like? Who says you can't have that team building exercise at a cool music studio? Why can't you have that offsite at a gorgeous art studio to get those creative juices flowing?

We want to enable people to look at the entire physical world as their workspace no matter where they are. Let's literally remove the walls and truly work from anywhere.

We're always looking for talented individuals who are interested in building this future alongside us. Come join us to make that future a reality!

BOOQED is a leading proptech platform for flexible business space in Asia Pacific. We quickly and easily facilitate transactions between companies needing short-term space with landlords and operators that have unused or underutilized space.

We save valuable time and money for companies by providing work, meeting, and event space options while increasing revenues for landlords and suppliers by monetizing unused space.

BOOQED began in Hong Kong, with operations now in Singapore and Shenzhen. Additionally we serve 6 additional markets throughout Asia.

We are proudly backed by fantastic institutional and strategic investors such as Techstars Venture, Colliers International, and Lazard.

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