Agent for successful projects in Asia.

bonjour. is a French Agent platform based in Hong Kong with experience in Gift and Lifestyle Objects product development and manufacturing to help foreign companies lead successful industrial projects in China and across Asia

- Small and medium size companies don’t all have an office in Hong Kong to handle product development and supplier relations
- Buying offices in Hong Kong would like to diversify but do not have the knowledge in product development for Lifestyle Objects
- Distance from suppliers for overseas buyers can be frustrating and time consuming
- International entrepreneurs often need to travel around the world and need support in their supplier management while they are away

+ An Agent offering tailor-made services to lead successful industrial projects and keep close relations with factories
+ An Agent with experience in product developments, who knows design trends and understands technical constraints to create successful collections adapted to every retail channels
+ An Agent based in Hong Kong who speaks your language and understands your expectations in terms of design, quality, regulations and timing to accelerate discussions with suppliers by being on the same time zone as the factories
+ An Agent who can follow up projects and bring technical solutions to help projects stay on schedule

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    Matthieu Marié
    Founder & Agent
    After initial industrial studies, I graduated from Negocia French Business School in Paris specialised in International Business and Marketing. I h... Read More