Algo-advisory for fixed income
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BondIT provides a technology platform that enables data-driven construction, analysis, optimization, re-balancing and monitoring of fixed income portfolios, tailored to an investor.

BondIT is the only algo-advice solution for bond portfolios managers and advisors.

BondIT empowers fixed income investment managers with data-driven portfolio construction, optimization, re-balance, analysis and monitoring capabilities. The SaaS platform and easy- to-use interface makes the solution highly accessible.

The BondIT solution is designed to enhance the entire bond portfolio management life cycle with actionable analytics and algorithmic recommendations for buying, selling and replacing bonds in the portfolio.
Furthermore, it provides on-the-spot comprehensive analysis and improvement suggestions for imported and pre-existing portfolios, making it a powerful client acquisition tool.

The solution is based on advanced proprietary machine-learning algorithms developed by a team of financial and data analytics experts.
We put your customer needs at the center of our solution, allowing you to continue providing customer-centric service and exceptional tailor-made customer experience.

  • Etai Ravid
  • Donald Chan
    Head of Asia
  • Adrian Gostick
    Chief Revenue Officer