Boaz International Education Institute

Strength-based Learning Strategy & Gifted programs for students with dyslexia/ASD/ADHD or other special education needs
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Boaz believes every child can learn and every child has their own talent.
Our center is driven by our founder who successfully overcomes her learning difficulties (dyslexia) and wants to share her skills with children in similar situations. We aim to provide a fun, safe, open platform for children to develop their talents and learn to learn.

Boaz wants to make a change in this society by:
- Increasing worldwide public awareness that these groups of students can also be contributors to the society instead of takers.
- Letting our students believe that they have strengths too and they can become confident independent learners too.
- Innovating a top-class program which helps dyslexic students to become confident independent learners around the world.
- Building a productive society where everyone's strength can be used and recognized.

Boaz provides Innovative Dyslexia Training to students under mainstream local education system. Instead of drilling kids with what they are weak at, our specially designed curriculum adopts a strength-based approach that combines visual-kinesthetic learning strategies with the local syllabus. All methods allow students to generalize the unique strategies in school setting which relieve their daily pressure.

In the past 4 years, we are delighted to have collaborated with the University of Hong Kong, the Education Bureau and over 50 well-known schools and organizations. We have successfully served more than 800 student and brought hope to their families. To us, "If children do not learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.”

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  • Chan cheuk ki twiggy
    Twiggy Chan
    Founder & Director
    Miss Chan successfully overcame dyslexia and is now a university lecturer frequently invited to speak at seminars for universities, NGOs and schools.