BlueMeg is an independent international corporate services provider, we use technology to improve customer experience.
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BlueMeg was founded by a group of independent and entrepreneurial professionals with a significant combined wealth of experience in corporate services, law, finance and programming.

Based in the 2 Asian key jurisdictions Singapore and Hong Kong, BlueMeg’s team of about 20 industry professionals, are fully committed to providing custom-made solutions to a diverse client base from entrepreneurs, start-ups and SME’s to multinational corporations and institutional investors. Our ultimate objective is to provide you with a full range of corporate services with professionals you trust. You will save time and money by joining us in using our innovative and user-friendly dashboard (launching soon). Our platform will enable you to have a 360° holistic overview and manage your corporate entity in a dedicated, secure and digital environment.

We are sensitive though to the requirements of each of our clients, providing you with the utmost flexibility: at BlueMeg it’s up to you how digital you go – your business, your needs, your pace.

BlueMeg's Mission:

Our mission is to grow our business, strengthening and expanding the services we can provide to our existing and future clients from all over the world. We firmly believe that everyone should have a smooth and pleasant experience while engaging with a corporate service provider. We are also convinced that technology will never replace genuine personal relationships of trust, deep knowledge and experience – the building blocks on which the fiduciary industry is based on. We pride ourselves on having achieved near perfection in this complex balancing act. High quality professional services yet cost efficient digital processes and transparent pricing is our promise. This is how we will deliver a unique client experience.

We will revolutionise the way you deal with corporate services.

BlueMeg goal is to offer a superior client experience with transparent pricing. This is reflected in the Hong Kong based staff. Our office is located in Central Hong Kong and staffed with industry specialists. What differentiates us from other service providers is the creation of our online dashboard. With this dashboard, our clients (especially useful for overseas clients) can access their documents and view their company details. The dashboard is the first step towards a more modern corporate secretary that helps promote Hong Kong as a jurisdiction.

  • Paul
    Paul du Long
    Based in Hong Kong, Paul is heading BlueMeg's Hong Kong operations and looking after our technology. He holds a Msc. in Financial Management combin... Read More
  • Jp
    JP Koolmees
    Originally from The Netherlands, JP holds a LLM from Leiden University and has over 17 years experience in trust and corporate services, with a tra... Read More
  • Carlo
    Carlo van den Akker
    Chief Risk Officer
    Based in Singapore, a veteran corporate lawyer and Ethics Officer, having worked in fast paced consumer industries and professional industries, bot... Read More