Blueflower Inspired Travels

Blueflower Offers Inspired and Passion Led Journeys To The Most Exciting Destinations on Earth
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The Blue Flower is a central symbol of Romanticism, a movement in the arts emphasizing inspiration by a creative impulse. Its myth refers to a sensitive aesthete - the beautiful soul - forever longing for personal fulfillment.

The Blueflower travel company stands for the infinite yearning for the most magnificent and pure travel experiences.

Blueflower aims to reinvent luxury travel with meaningful global experiences that allows travellers to connect with the pure essence of a destination and engage with inspiring locals.

With privileged access to private places, Blueflower promises to create exceptional life enhancing journeys that connect clients to the passions they love.

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    Andrea Oschetti
    CEO and Founder
    Andrea is the Founder and CEO of Blueflower, a Hong Kong travel company. He offers some of the most ambitious journeys to the most exciting destina... Read More
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    Dream Makers
    A team of ambitious and brilliant individuals, who are proud to be part of our venture of becoming the leading luxury travel company in Asia by inn... Read More