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Blue Sky Energy Technology is a venture backed innovative company. We offer a data-driven software platform to optimize resources consumption, and change the way people uses resources. To date, we have deployed smart meters in over 100 locations, serving over 1500 users, leveraging data to optimize energy consumption, and saving up to 33% of energy consumed. Our current customers include universities, property conglomerates, professional service corporate and major non-profits.

Our team are made up of graduates from universities such as Brown, Stanford, CUHK, Queen’s, Rice, UC Berkeley and Istituto Europeo di Design, with background in business, design, electrical engineer, electronic engineer and environmental science.

Our professional experiences span from Bain & Company, Fair Trade, RBS, Hutchison Telecom, HK Broadband, etc, including award-winning design experiences and US innovative ventures such as Acumen. Two words that describe our team common traits are agile and down-to-earth.

Giving users data-driven insights to understand and optimize their building environment and energy consumption

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