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Blue Block is an institutional-grade blockchain advisory firm. Blue Block is jointly founded by established technology investment firms Gobi Partners and MindWorks Ventures with over 20 years of collective investment experience.

Blockchain Incubation

Blockchain technologies are here to stay, but only projects that are truly built for decentralized, distributed ledger applications will survive. Blue Block’s advisory and incubation services are meant to help project teams think about how best to leverage blockchain technologies, how those technologies might apply to existing or new businesses, and how best to capture opportunities in the present.

Algorithmic Trading Software Development

For blockchain projects that rely upon market adoption and velocity of underlying assets, Blue Block software develops algorithms and custom trading solutions that can help project teams reduce transaction costs, facilitate trades, and provide liquidity on related exchange platforms.

Blockchain Advisory

In order to accelerate growth of the ecosystem, Blue Block advises in the most promising blockchain projects from around the world. We take a long-term view of the market opportunity, and likewise, adopt a long-term view of our investments. Blue Block aims to grow together with teams we believe in, and promote blockchain technologies that we truly think will change the world.