Bloombase is the intelligent storage firewall company
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Since its inception in Redwood City in the heart of Silicon Valley, Bloombase has become the pioneer and innovator in next-generation data security from physical/virtual datacenter, through hyperconvergence, to big data and the cloud. Bloombase helps build the cryptographic storage megastructures as the last line of defense to lock down business-critical crown-jewels, mitigate data outbound threats, achieve data privacy regulatory compliance requirements, and empower businesses and industries to deliver trusted e-commerce in the tectonic shift entering the next era of business automation.

Bloombase StoreSafe is the intelligent storage firewall providing turnkey, agentless, non-disruptive, application-transparent data-at-rest encryption security from physical and virtual data centers, through hyperconverged infrastructure, to the cloud, enabling organizations to lock down their crown-jewels, mitigate data exfiltration threats, and help meet regulatory compliance requirements easily and cost-effectively.

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