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BLACK CREEK aims to bring disruptive value to one of the world's largest asset classes - the China Commercial Real Estate (CRE) market.

All meaningful technical progression stems from the availability of data. Yet the efficiency of China's CRE market has been hampered by a lack of quality data for analysis, due to two major inherent pain points: fragmentation, and a lack of trust between relevant parties.

BLACK CREEK's elegant solution promises to provide the spark that will finally allow China's CRE market to realize its potential.

BLACK CREEK data collection method efficiently scales across different markets and different needs, without sacrificing data integrity. The result is a crowdsourced CRE database that will enable the development of highly sophisticated, data-centric solutions for China’s CRE market.

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  • Jackson bio
    Jackson Chan
    Jackson has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. His last 10 years have particularly been focused in the real estate informatio... Read More
  • Fritz bio
    Fritz Chen
    His past experience includes running his family business in Greater China, and also founding a boutique real estate development firm in New York. ... Read More
  • Ray bio
    Zhang Lei
    A career licensed real estate appraiser, Mr. Zhang has over 15 years of experience in running one of Henan China's prominent real estate appraisin... Read More
  • Lefteris bio
    Dr. Lefteris Ntaflos
    Head of R&D (Technology)
    Dr. Ntaflos graduated from HKUST with a Phd. in CS & Engineering . He is recognized for his research and academic work in databases, graph the... Read More