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BitwiseHacks serves as the most friendly and flexible platform and advocate for developers all across Asia to learn, collaborate, and discover opportunities. Through all channels possible, BitwiseHacks seeks to expand Asia's developer ecosystem, thereby allowing anyone with the right passion, drive, and talent, to succeed as a developer.

BitwiseHacks is a unique company that connects young and talented developers with Hong Kong's tech corporates, who are actively searching for such skilled employees. BitwiseHacks accomplishes this vision through its web platform, which allows users to post, create, adopt, and collaborate on ideas and projects with their teams. We further hold corporate Hackathons regularly, where developers compete in a fast-paced environment for 24 hours. Through the BitwiseHacks events and web platform, developers receive unique opportunities to dive into Hong Kong's vibrant tech and startup space.

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    Sasha Varlamov
    Founder, Co-CEO
    As a passionate developer and active hackathon participant, Sasha Varlamov founded BitwiseHacks in 2016 to empower developers.
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    Sebastian Alvarado
    Backend Web Developer
    Currently finishing his Master's in Computer Science at the University of Hong Kong, Sebastian is interning with BitwiseHacks as a backend develop... Read More
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    Johnny Quattro
    First as an advisor, and now aiding in an executive role at BitwiseHacks, Johnny uses his years of expertise in apps to ensure that BitwiseHacks de... Read More