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Beyond was established in early 2016 when two aspiring gentlemen decided to build a brand new platform for people to buy and sell used cars in Hong Kong. The idea started budding when Brian and Garry, who studied together at London School of Economics, discovered that buying and selling used cars in Hong Kong could be such a troublesome, lonely, and sometimes risky experience. These two young men have since then been determined to revolutionise the used cars market in Hong Kong where customers, both buyers and sellers, could be advised with a professional and caring approach, making trading cars in Hong Kong a stress-free and painless experience.

The Hong Kong pre-owned car market has an annual transaction of over USD2B, and is in dire need of a comprehensive platform where buyers and sellers can trade their vehicles with ease and confidence. Beyond Cars aims to fulfil this gap by providing an online platform that promotes trust, convenience and fair pricing to buyers and sellers. From the initial listing and appraisal to the final sale, Beyond provides a one-stop shop where customers can expect service with transparency and integrity.

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